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**updated Dec. 2023**

This is a gallery of assorted reptiles and amphibians, aka herps (from herpetofauna, meaning cold-blooded tetrapods), including:

crocodilians, turtles, snakes, lizards, and amphibians.


Interestingly, some of these reptiles are more closely related to birds than to each other,
and all reptiles are more closely related to mammals than to amphibians.

Nonetheless, I'm unscientifically presenting them all together.

Click links above to skip to a specific gallery, or scroll down to enjoy them all.

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reptiles (class Reptilia)


crocodilians (order Crocodilia)

turtles (order Testudines)

snakes (order Squamata, suborder Serpentes)

lizards (order Squamata, suborder Lacertilia)