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wood gallery


Below are some of my selected works, falling into 4 mostly distinct categories: furniture, bowls, sculptures, and housewares.

Some of these items are for sale on the WOOD STORE page.


Lately I've been making more furniture for our home. My designs are essentially all unique, inspired by a mix of modern and far eastern aesthetics, including works by George Nakashima.

bowls & platters

Of the 122 bowls and platters I've turned as of March 2023, the following is a representative selection (photos of nearly all my bowls are on this separate BOWLS page). Many are decorative, but most are at least somewhat functional. I generally source my wood from local trees.


Before I was a woodworker or a woodturner, I was a woodcarver. My first pieces were figure carvings, followed by relief carvings (including dozens of plaques commissioned by friends). I have since branched out to larger sculptural carvings and sculptural bowls turned on the lathe (all bowls are sculptures in a sense, but these are especially sculptural).


Below is a sampling of utilitarian items I've made. Not pictured are dozens more picture frames and many cutting boards, clocks, etc.